Little Disasters

Ugh, what a slog of a week. Both of my cats were suffering from digestive issues and I was literally up to my elbows in shit and vomit from Monday to Saturday. Their stomachs have since settled down from whatever bug afflicted them, and there are no further signs of illness. Of course, veterinary science is kind of like a game of darts being played in the dark, and we went through almost a thousand dollars of tests and diagnostics to arrive at the conclusion that our cats were (in the end) perfectly healthy. Because of vet visits and the steady traffic of trades in and out of my house (moving prep), I missed the appointment for my final tattoo, which has now been bumped to 2019. I’ll take that as a sign that I have enough ink for the time-being.

And as if there wasn’t enough shit going on in the household, looking outside showed me a world determined to divide and destroy itself. Shootings, suggestions that America turn itself into a militant state with armed-wards. I really feel for Americans and everything that they’re going through: no country should ever be so fragmented and full of hate. I’m hopeful that there’s a happy ending for my neighbours to the south. But I’m struggling to see that distant sunrise at the moment.

Like many, when confronted by darkness, I retreat into my own life, into fixing the small disasters and issues that are within my possibility to correct and control. Through social media, I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one in my circle dealing with tiny earthquakes and fires to put out. There have been some really awful things happening to a lot of you, situations that I’m pleased to hear have had positive outcomes. So even if the world is falling apart, we’re patching up our homes and families, we’re weathering each little disaster. We’ll weather the big ones, too, by having such strong foundations of friends, family, art, religion—anything in which you can put faith or from which you draw strength.

Keep building, keep loving, keep the faith. Everything will be okay. Some day.

All my love,