Mr. Brown’s Mailbag #2

I’ve had a number of emails over the past month with various iterations of the same question: “When is the next book coming out?”

Okay, here’s the skinny. I missed my October 2017 deadline, clearly, though I ended up writing two books, which was both a blessing (more books, yay!) and a curse (twice the editing and expenses, boo!). Anyway, Feast of Darkness, Part I, officially finished its structural corrections this week and was handed off to its second editor. I’ll get it back in eight weeks. I don’t anticipate any egregious overhauls to the structure, since we’ve already done that, so then it’s another 10-12 weeks until we have completed a final round of copy editing and have something of a galley copy in our sweaty hands! I say ‘our’ hands as Knights of Geadhain (early reviewers) will have their copies before the actual launch. For Feast of Darkness, Part I,  I’m anticipating a late summer, early fall release.

Now Feast of Darkness, Part II, has almost finished its structural corrections. Then I actually get something of a break after I submit that manuscript, and while I wait for various editorial and design tasks to complete.

Although those two books aren’t the only things I have in store for you, and I won’t be resting on my laurels between releases and projects. I’m also shopping for an editor to help with a compilation of all of Geadhain’s weirdest and most wonderful excerpts, artwork and poetry. More on that project to come as it develops. If you’re an editor, and you’re familiar with my work by all means send me an email and let’s talk business.

Other than those three projects, we’ll have the usual quarterly newsletter, filled with prizes and freebies. Oh, and on that note Susan Wright was the winner of last quarter’s entry and her books have been shipped and are in the mail.

So that’s all from the mailbag at the moment. Keep those inquiries coming–always lovely to hear from you. It should be a busy year for my readers and myself.

All my love,