Quarantine Is Over, the Danger Is Not

At least here in Ontario, life and the economy are striving to return to the new normal. 

However, as we move toward that goal—of curb-side retail and socially-distanced strolls through the park—we need to remind ourselves that still no vaccine or widespread treatment has been found. History is full of grim reminders of the dangers of human shortsightedness when it comes to infectious diseases. One of the examples that come to mind is the Spanish Flu, which went away for a couple of seasons, only to come back with an infernal vengeance: claiming millions upon millions of lives

I was aghast at the celebratory air in my neighborhood yesterday: fireworks going off, people crowding the walkways and parks down by the lakeshore. In reality, there isn’t much to celebrate other than most nations’ flattening of their respective curves. The virus is still out there, and relatively unstoppable. The danger remains as present as ever, if not more so given the laissez-faire attitude many are adopting, which will enable the spread of the virus further.

While we should not live in heightened states of fear or paranoia, as this is not healthy, we can and should exist in states of reason and alertness. That means practicing the habits that have kept the virus from spreading, rather than abandoning them. That means still not being able to do “everything you want” because a.) you’re not a willful, ignorant child, and b.) you should have the common sense to know we’re not out of the woods just yet. 

All my love,