Secondary Tidings

I’m sure everyone is still abuzz about the Royal Wedding, and I expect that to dominate news-cycles for many, many days to come (it was really lovely!). I won’t keep you long today. Still, after last week’s teaser excerpt, I had four separate inquiries, on FB or via email, regarding the launch of Feast of Darkness, Part I. And while the exact date hasn’t been hammered down, September is looking very likely. So pencil in some reading time once the kids (or you) are back at school and prepare to lose yourself in the first half of the finale to Geadhain’s Great War. Intrigue, betrayal, heroism and all the wonderful and horrid characters you know and love/ hate will be there.

It’s no Royal Wedding, no Red Wedding, either. Though perhaps a strange combination of the two 🙂

All my love,