Social Media Blackout

After last week’s post, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of exposure, comments and questions regarding the video I’d created.

I spent a good couple hours each day addressing this dialog, beyond what my social media manager was already fielding. To be truly savvy at social media is both a skill and a career—and not one I’d want to pursue. By Saturday I found myself mentally exhausted. There’s an incredibly addictive and compulsory behaviour to social media attentiveness, too: this weird mix of endorphins and depressants associated with each new “like” or “dislike”, comment or counter-point. As someone who once struggled with addiction, the triggers are very real and nigh identical to the dopamine rushes and chemical lows of drug use and abstinence, respectively.

Which is why this upcoming week, I’ll be returning to a state of normalcy, right after I detox. I need to wholly detach myself from the online world. Well, probably not Elder Scrolls Online if we’re being truthful! But all the rest of it! I need to recuperate and refocus my energy away from others and inwards, to Geadhain, her children and her stories. When you have any kind of public profile, it can seem impossible to step away. However, if you want to remain authentic and sane, you have to, simply to regain your sense of self and prevent yourself from becoming a showman or caricature of your virtues.

You’ll still see posts from me—my social media manager will see to that! (She’s amazing btw, and if anyone wants her contact info, let me know.)

All my love,