The Voice of Geadhain

I realize that I’ve been a bit more silent than usual, though it’s not without cause.

I’ve been working on a number of exciting projects and today I’m ready to announce one of them: the audiobook editions of Four Feasts till Darkness. Beginning with Feast of Fates, and slowly rolling out one at a time after that with a 2-5 month production schedule between each. It took ages to find the right producer to bring my work to life—but as soon as I heard one audition in particular, I knew that was the voice. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the latest creative that I’ve been blessed to meet, the voice of Geadhain: David Pickering.

David is an incredible performer whose talents can be found on BBC, Sky, and Channel Four (radio and TV). Being a multi-faceted artist he also has literary pursuits and a strong body of work in that field. You can find out more about David at:

And you can hear David’s winning audition below! Keep your ears tuned for Feast of Fates, coming soon to Audible and iTunes!

Feast of Fates Audition (Click Me)

All my love,