Time to Say Goodbye

It’s official: the house has been sold and the keys to our home for the last nine years pass into the excited hands of their new occupants on July 12th. Worry not, the draft is 100 pages from complete so that shouldn’t interfere with the timetable for Feast of Darkness, Part I. Speaking of the books, it was here, in this home (and at Princess Margaret hospital) that I finally put the saga to the page. This home is incredibly special to me. It was the first place that my partner and I ever arranged to our tastes, the first place we ever owned together, the first place we dreamed and achieved, the first place where we knew love, loss, hardship and all the business of being adults.

My home has been such a hub of comfort and creativity that it’s a wonder I’m not feeling more adrift without its anchor. But I’m not. Our beautiful property is being given to a young couple that are purchasing their first home, and we’re moving onto a larger space where I will form a new ‘hub’ and write the next great saga of Geadhain—and other worlds! It’s the fixation on missed opportunities, or on what could have been that often keeps us staring in the past (and therefor missing all the wonders happening around us in the present). I learned to let go of that (mostly) when mom passed away, and time ticks away so fast that I can’t be bothered to gaze backwards for more than quick, happy memories.

There’s only one direction in life and even if we don’t want to move ahead we get pushed forward anyway. Better to smile and enjoy the ride. Better to focus on what’s to come and on what’s happening in our world around us at this moment. Find gratitude for every breath, every change, and celebrate what a divine miracle it is that we’re even here. It has been a honor living in that house, creating these stories for and coversations with you, and it’s a space that’s glowing with love. I couldn’t be happier for its new occupants and I know they’ll be happy there, too.

All my love,