True Beauty Is Eternal

Last week I found that rare gem floating in the Facebook effluvium: a beautiful and short bio that we’ll get to shortly. I don’t have all that much to say that the video doesn’t express. I urge you to watch it, and to consider what it means in your own life—how aging is as extraordinary a process as the magic of youth.

I realize that we can’t all grow old as gracefully as the woman in the video. I have a knee that creaks a bit now, and I can imagine that small creak will be a touch of arthritis or worse in twenty years. Genetics and plain luck play a huge role in our longevity and vibrancy, and disease and decrepitude—as dreadful as they seem—are really just the body’s long surrender back to the earth, to dust, air and spirit. I think that’s why Eileen is so timelessly beautiful: you can see that she understands the value of life, of each breath she’s able to take. I hope she lives another 103 years, were such a thing possible.

The charming Eileen Kramer is a national treasure — she learnt the twist from Louis Armstrong in Paris, and moved back to Australia at 99 because she dreamed of hearing kookaburras again.

Original story and images posted by ABC News on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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