Welcome to 2019

Hi folks. I realize it’s been a while since last we chatted, as 2018 decided to derail in the final couple months of the year. We had a number of upheavals in our household, which have since settled, though due to other commitments I was unable to maintain my weekly communications with you.

On that note, and moving forward, I won’t be maintaining a regular blog schedule; I’ll try to post at least once a month, though I can’t promise a greater frequency than that. It’s simply too demanding of my time as I have a number of projects in the works as well as with my renewed dedication to fitness, modelling and lifestyle management. That’s right, folks: I’m back in the industry!

Fitness was one component of my life that while I’d never let personally slide, I had let slide the excitement and passion I had for helping others. I threw myself wholly into writing, which was necessary to start, and now isn’t so necessary since I only write 2-3 hours a day and those hours are twice as productive as the 8 that I initially required for focus.

During our “upheaval” (and sorry to be vague, but certain details aren’t mine to share), I took a look at my time, my life, my passions and what further I could contribute and I decided to get my recertifications for personal training, fitness classes and more. I surprised myself with how well I did, considering how much I hated school! I scored 100% on my practical! Although, eduction as an adult, where you largely determine your own studying path and pace, seems to suit me far better than structured learning. (I’ve also taken, and passed, the PTS—personal training certification—three times in the last 20 years, so had a leg up for sure.) As well, and because I take such good care of myself, I’ve been provided with an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of fitness modelling, so I’ll be sharing media with you on that front, too.

Anyway, you can expect a site to go live in a few weeks with a link to my fitness services (offered in the GTA). Modelling gigs and such will be posted to Instagram. That said, my passion for writing hasn’t been extinguished or diminished and now that I’ve found my centre again, the drafting for Feast of Darkness, Part II is back on track and should be in the hands of its second editor by March—delivery into your hands by fall or winter, as planned.

So…that’s the latest and greatest on my end. I’m starting off the year on a highly positive note and I hope that you are as well. Expect more adventures in both this world and Geadhain for 2019.

All my love,


P.S. Starting on the 12th of January, the entire Feasts series will be on sale in celebration for the new year. (Click the link to go there.) If you have a friend who’s into dark fiction/ fanatasy, now’s the perfect time to snatch up all four books for an amazing price!