A drift, a breath

Another death

Of season, and of time

Gather around

Family bound

Beat snow-devils from your coat

Summon your kin

To hearth and stone

To home and bone

These ties that forever bind

Winter has fallen

A chill so near

Pressing frosted claws to pane

Winter has bitten

Pinkish ears

and nibbled even pinker cheeks

Nurse that rye

Think of times gone by

When gran and grandad sleighed

Or even deeper spells

The timeless swells

Of those from whom our nation rose

Birch-tincture, horseback,

Arrow and peat

Ancestral chants and shuffling feet

Were the traditions,

And are still—if you look or hear

A melody now, under the Christmas carolling

Gitchie Manito

A thrum, a drumming, a partnerless dance

The earthen trance

Where She speaks

And the tinsel and glitter,

The arrogance and bitter—ness

Of our fight against being what we are

Can end


—Christian A. Brown

Happy holidays to you and yours, and from the magical world of Geadhain.