Wonders, Paragons & Horrors


The Sun King. Brutus is the second of the Immortal Kings and ruler of the Summerlandsin southern Geadhain. Zioch, the City of Gold, shines like a gold star on the southern horizon andis the seat of his power. Brutus is the master of the wilderness and the hunt. His magik has dominion over the physical world and self. He is victim to the Black Queen’s whispers and falls far from his nobility.

Lilehum (Lila)

Magnus’s bride. Magnus sought her when learning to live as a man independent of his ageless brother. Through the sharing of blood and ancient vows—the Fuilimean—she is drawn into the mystery of the immortal brothers and imbued with a sliver of their magik. She is asorceress and possibly eternal in her years. She is wise, kind, and comely without compare. However, she is ruthless if her kingdom or bloodmate is threatened.


The Immortal King of the North. Magnus is one of two guardians of the Waking World.The other is his brother, Brutus. The Everfair King—the colloquial name for Magnus—rules Eod, the City of Wonders. He is living magik itself, a sorcerer without compare, and the master of the forces of ice, thunder, Will, and intellect.

Morigan Lostarot

A young woman living a rather unremarkable life as the handmaiden to an elderly sorcerer, Thackery Thule. A world of wonder and horror engulfs her after a chance, perhaps fated, meeting with the Wolf. She learns she is an axis of magik, mystery, and Fate to theproceedings of Geadhain’s Great War. In the darkest days that she and her companions must face,her heroism and oft-tested virtue will determine much of the world’s salvation or ruin.

Thackery Hadrian Thule (Whitehawk)

An old sorcerer living in Eod. Thackery lives an unassuming life as a man of modest stature. However, he is a man with many skeletons in his closet. He has no known children or family, and he cares for Morigan as if she were his daughter.Morigan’s grace will touch him, too, and he is drawn into the web of Fate she weaves.

The Black Queen, Zionae

A shapeless, bodiless, monstrous entity without empathy who seeks to undo the Immortal Kings and the world’s order. Her actions—those who perceive these things sense she is a she—are horrific and inexplicable.

The Lady of Luck, Charazance

The Dreamer of serendipity, gambles, and games. Alastair is her vessel.

The Sisters Three—Ealasyd, Elemech and Eean

From youngest to eldest in appearance, they are Ealasyd, Elemech, and Eean. The Sisters Three are a trio of ageless witches who live in the woods of Alabion. They are known to hold sway over the destinies of men. They can be capricious, philanthropic, or woefully cruel. One must be careful when bartering with the Sisters Three for their wisdom. There is always a price.

The Wanderer, Feyhazir

The Dreamer of mystery, seduction, and desire. He is Morigan’s father.

The Wolf, Caenith

A smith of Eod. His fearsome, raw exterior hides an animal and a dreadful wrath. Caenith is a conflicted creature—a beast, man, poet, lover, and killer. Caenith believes himself beyond salvation, and he passes the years making metal skins and claws for the slow-walkers of Geadhain while drowning himself in bitter remorse. He does not know it, but Morigan will pull him from his darkness and make him confront what is most black and wicked within him.

The Herald

A vile presence that haunts and travels the waters of Dream as Morigan does. She is the Herald of the Black Queen, Zionae’s voice in the physical world.

Eod’s Finest

Beauregard Fischer

A waifish, lyrical young man lost in the Summerlands with his father. In his past and soul lies a great mystery. His cheek is marked with the birthmark of the one true northern star.

Devlin Fischer

A seasoned hunter and Beauregard’s father. He is as gruff and hairy as a bear.


Master of the North Watch and Leonitis’s brother. He is a brutish, gruff warrior tempered by the winds of the Northlands. He is dependable and unflappable. He is an oak of a man who will not bend to the winds of change or war.


More commonly referred to as “Erik.” He is the king’s hammer. Erik was once an orphaned child of the Salt Forests and a member of the Kree tribe, but Magnus took him in. Erik now serves as his right hand.


Master of the East Watch. The youngest of Eod’s watchmasters, he is seen by many as unfit for the post because of his pretty face, foppish manner, and cavalier airs. He laughs and sings to avoid the pain of remembering what he has lost.


The Lion. He is thusly named for his roar, grandeur, and courage. He is the Ninth Legion master of Eod (King Magnus’s personal legion). Once Geadhain’s Great War commences, he will play many roles, from soldier to spy to hero. Leonitis’s thread of destiny is long and woven through many Fates.

Lowelia Larson (Lowe)

The queen knows her as the Lady of Whispers. Lowelia seems a simple, high-standing palace servant, yet her doughy, pleasant demeanor conceals a shrewd mind and a vengeful secret.

Maggie Halm

Maggie is the granddaughter of Cordenzia, an infamous whoremistress who traded her power for freedom from the Iron City. Maggie runs an establishment called the Silk Purse in Taroch’s Arm.


A shaman of the Doomchaser tribe of Pandemonia. A mystical, two-spirited being as adventurous as he is pragmatic and traditional.


She is Queen Lila’s sword and Her Majesty’s left hand. Rowena’s tale was destined for a swift, bleak end until the queen intervened and saved Rowena’s young life. Since that day, Rowena has revered Queen Lila as a mother and a true savior.

Tabitha Fischer

The sole magistrate of Willowholme. She has assumed this role not by choice but through tragedy.

Talwyn Blackmore

The illegitimate son of Roland Blackmore (since deceased). Talwyn is a kind, brilliant scholar and inheritor of all the virtue that escaped his half brother, Augustus. Talwyn lives in Riverton. His thirst for knowledge often makes him cross boundaries of decorum.


A young woman rescued by Thackery and the Wolf from the clutches of a grotesque Menosian Lord. She soon proves herself to be as strong-willed and capable as either of her rescuers.

Menos’s Blackest Souls

Aadore Brennoch

An Iron-born survivor. A woman whose strange lineage comes from the far, far East. Once a handmaiden to the Lady El, she will leave that meager station behind and rise into a woman of prominence and legend alongside her brother.


A mysterious figure who acts seemingly in his own interests. He greatly influences certain meetings and events. To all appearances, he is the Watchers’ agent and Mouse’s mentor. He almost certainly, though, serves another power or master.

Beatrice of El

Moreth’s pale and ghastly wife. After a glance, a person can tell this ethereal woman is not wholly of this world.


An athletic young man with a shameful criminal past trying to make a better life for himself in Menos. He is taken with Aadore, though will prove himself more than a doting suitor.


Son of Elissandra.


The Mistress of Mysteries. She is an Iron Sage and the proprietress of Menos’s Houses of Mystery—places where a wary master can consult oracles and seek augurs regarding his or her inevitable doom. While she is wicked, she is also bright with love for her children, and she fosters a hidden dream and hope no other Iron Sage would ever be so bold as to consider.


A tribesman of the Northlands who had been stolen from his home and placed into a lifetime of abhorrent slavery, serving as a vassal to the Broker. Morigan rescues him in Menos.

Moreth of El

Master of the House of El and the Blood Pits of Menos. He traffics in people, gladiators, and death.


More of a gray soul than a black one, Mouse is a woman without a firm flag planted on the map of morality. She knows well life’s cruelty and how best to avoid it through self-sufficiency and indifference. As a girl, she escaped a rather unfortunate fate, and she has since risen to become a Voice of the Watchers—a shadowbroker of Geadhain. Mouse’s real trial begins when she is thrust into peril with Morigan—at that time a stranger—and Mouse is forced to rethink everything she knows.

Sean Brennoch

Brother to Aadore. Once a soldier of the Ironguard, now a one-legged veteran. Sean wants no pity, however, and is more capable and clever than most other soldiers.


An ugly, ogreish mercenary whose heart is kinder than his looks. Fate sees his path cross with the Brennochs, and to them he will become a sword not for hire but bound to protect them through respect and duty.


Daughter of Elissandra.

The Broker

All the black rivers of sin in Menos come to one confluence: the Broker. Little is known about this man beyond the terror tales whispered to misbehaving children. The Broker has metal teeth, mad eyes, and a cadre of twisted servants whom he calls sons. He inhabits and controls the Iron City’s underbelly.

The Great Mother

Her Faithful are multitudinous. Her elements and the shades of her divinity—Green, White, Blue—are prefixes to her many names.

The Slave

An unnamed vassal purchased in the Flesh Markets of Menos. A dangerous creature; more than a man. Although property, he later became a free man and substitute father to the Lord El. Together, the men traveled into the wilds of Pandemonia on a most dangerous safari.


Gloriatrix’s second son. This pitiable soul lives in a state between light and dark and without memory of the errors that brought him to this walking death.

The Iron Queen

Gloriatrix, the ruler of Menos. Gloriatrix single-handedly clawed her way to the top of Menos’s black Crucible after her husband, Gabriel, lost first his right to chair on the Council of the Wise and then his life. Gloriatrix has never remarried and blames her brother, Thackery Thule, for Gabriel’s death. With her family in shambles, power is the only thing to which she clings. Gloriatrix has ambitions far beyond Menos. She would rule the stars themselves if she could.


Gloriatrix’s youngest child. Sorren is a nekromancer of incredible power who possesses the restraint and moods of a spoiled and petulant child. He shares a pained past with his (mostly) deceased brother, Vortigern.

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