Your New Playground

Welcome to a leaner, meaner, cleaner site! Some housekeeping changes: the Members section is gone, as well as a few other pages, which cut down on bloat. But don’t worry! All that great Members’ content will be delivered to you for free via your newsletter. The Members’ section was a bit of a clunky idea/ implementation and I’m glad to see it go. Overall the site needed a more responsive and streamlined feel with potential for future product and media growth, because although Four Feasts till Darkness is wrapping up soon, our adventures on Geadhain are far from over…

Other than that, have a peek around at the new and improved World section. There’s an interactable map now! Take a tour of Central Geadhain! And of course if you haven’t watched any of my Cab Lit episodes or caught up on my Instagram adventures, those are quite easily found on the Home page.

Once you’ve had a look around, let me know what you think!

All my love,


P.S. I’ll leave you in a glaring contest with Gloriatrix, rendered by Geadhain’s latest creator, the very talented Prabath Wijayantha. Expect a Creative Collective post on him in the next couple of weeks!